Vertigo: Get back on your feet with a few simple movements


vertigo treatment

With vertigo, your brain can’t tell if you’re right-side-up, or up-side-down!

 Vertigo affects hundreds of thousands of people a year in the United States alone.

It is like taking an unending ride on a spinning top, like being extremely drunk while never having had a drink. Daily functioning is almost impossible and many are hold up in their beds, often vomiting.

While there are many reasons for vertigo, and many that can be helped with the proper treatment, today we will learn about one kind: benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, also known as BPPV or BPV. In short, it is a fancy way of saying “non life threatening episodes of spinning due to moving the body in certain positions”.

 BPPV affects approximately 160,000 people a year in the US and is the cause of about 20% of episodes of dizziness.

Balance is controlled by the inner ear.

There is a “round ball”, called the utricle that has 3 very tiny semicircular bone structures attached to it. Normally, there are very tiny crystals of calcium that reside in the utricle. They let the brain know “where you are in space”. When these crystals become dislodged and get stuck in one of the semicircles, the brain loses its ability to understand exactly where you are in space and “tries very hard” to figure it out, thus causing an intense spinning feeling.

The calcium crystals can move due to a respiratory illness, bacteria, a virus or a blow to the head. In the elderly, it can be caused by deterioration of the balancing system. Also, BPPV can be “idiopathic”, or without cause.

          While there are medications that can help decrease the spinning sensation, there is a simple, highly effective positioning technique called the “Epley maneuver” or the “Canalith Repositioning Procedure” that can be done at home or in an office.

By moving the body in a specific way, the lodged crystals can become loosened, brought back around the semicircle and back into the utricle, like winning a child’s positional ball bearing puzzle game.

While I could confuse you with written instruction on the Epley maneuver, as you know, a YouTube is worth a thousand words! (so click on the link!)

If you have ANY history of neck or back injury, be sure to have this procedure done by a professional!

Have YOU had any issues with dizziness and vertigo??

Learn how to Truly Heal®

Truly Heal logo 1 on pageNo two bodies are the same.

No two illnesses are the same.

For example, two people have a cold. One feels hot with a scratchy throat, aches and pains, and the other is bundled like a mummy, congested and sneezing.

The same is true for two individuals battling cancer, even if it is the same type of cancer.

Each will have different factors that “got them there” and each will have different symptoms and issues- yet they will be drawn down the same path toward the same three treatments: surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Just as we are unique and individual- so are our illnesses- and proper healthcare should take that into consideration.

Having a diagnosis of cancer means that for a considerable period of time, the body’s immune system has been “looking the other way”. If it had been functioning properly, it would have destroyed the cells while they were still small in number and completely undetectable.

There are innumerable reasons for the immune system to not be working at its best. Without removing those reasons, even a “cured cancer” has a good chance of returning.

marcus pic 2Marcus Freudenmann is a healthcare and wellness pioneer. He has been interviewing doctors and researching cancer cures for more than a decade. Author of “Healing Cancer with Common Sense” and producer of the movie “Cancer is Curable Now”, Marcus has also put together a four part program called Truly Heal

The Truly Heal program helps to uncover physical, emotional and spiritual causes for that break in communication with the immune system and helps people learn how to get that communication back, allowing the body to “truly heal”.

With the opening of the 2nd Truly Heal clinic this month in Germany, Marcus is starting a Truly Heal world tour that will bring him from Florida to New York, Chicago, through the heartland of America to San Francisco, San Diego and Hawaii.

While main stream cancer treatment is a billion dollar industry, teaching people how to remove physical and emotional toxins, supplement deficiencies and develop health provoking habits and attitudes in order to balance and truly heal the body- is not.

A grassroots effort, the Truly Heal concept is taking flight. Marcus believes that with well documented, wide spread information, the overall health of communities, states and ultimately countries, can improve.

Marcus provides free 2 ½ hour lectures to introduce Truly Heal concepts to groups at churches and community centers and 1 day workshops that delve deep into each of the program’s “energy bodies”.

His ultimate vision is to have Truly Heal coaches and clinics throughout the United States and the world, spreading information and treating the underlying causes of many diseases, including cancer. In preparation, he also offers Truly Heal coaching retreats and an online program to become a Truly Heal coach.

If you would like to help with the world tour, would like Marcus to come to your area or would simply like to know more, be sure to check his website for more information.

Become part of the Truly Heal movement… and Spread the Health.


The Blood Sugar Solution Book: An Exemplary Guide to Wellness

The Blood Sugar Solution

Changing diet and lifestyle can reverse disease.

Many diseases and disorders are a direct reflection of our lifestyle choices, but if we choose differently, perhaps with education and science behind those choices, can we reverse those same diseases and disorders?

Most often, the answer is an emphatic: YES!

In his book Functional Medicine, award winning Functional Medicine guru Functional Medicinestates that besides specific genetic disorders, there are only five reasons for disease. These include: poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins and allergens.

When each of these areas is specifically addressed and stressors on the body are reduced, the body can then gain control and heal, resulting in regained good health.

He also states that there are seven steps to ultra-wellness. When any of the seven systems are out of balance illness can/ will occur often in the form of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Diabesity, or the term used to describe the spectrum of sugar imbalance and insulin resistance from mild dysfunction to diabetes, is expected to affect 1 in 2 Americans by the year 2020. With so many countries adopting our Western eating habits, diabesity is a worldwide epidemic that unnecessarily burdens our health care system.

Even mildly elevated sugar and/or insulin levels cause inflammation, and inflammation as we have learned is at the root of most diseases.

The Blood Sugar Solution maps out the steps to ultra-wellness in detail and includes areas that are often not addressed as part of Western medicine, like boosting nutrition, improving digestion and soothing the mind.

Dr. Hyman’s book includes multiple tests to determine personal weaknesses and delineate individual results into levels of intensity: whether his basic recommendations are appropriate, the more advanced plan, or when it is time to see the doctor.

He also gives support on “How to Work with Your Doctor to Get What You Need” as there are tests, supplements and appropriate food choices that physicians may not be familiar with.

With his gradual 6 week plan, new skills are added each week.

The first week “Eat Your Medicine” encourages the user to focus on food quality, teaches that all calories are not the same and gives instructions on what to avoid.

During week two “Optimize metabolism with nutrition supplements”, the 4 reasons behind our nutrient depletion are taught which include:

1. Our bodies evolved eating more nutrient dense foods

2. The current state of our soil is poor. Nutrient depleted soil makes nutrient depleted plants which in turn make nutrient depleted animals.

3. Processed food, the bulk of the American diet, has no nutritional value.

4. Increased environmental toxins, decreased sun exposure and today’s chronic stress levels put a strain on the body and in turn increase the body’s nutrient needs.

Week 3: “Relax You Mind, Heal Your Body” teaches us how stress causes hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, promotes abdominal weight gain and can ultimately result in diabetes.

This section also includes “20 Strategies to Reset Biorhythms” which are great suggestions for those suffering from insomnia as well.

We all know that there are benefits to exercise and Week 4: “Fun, Smart Exercise” explains them in detail. It also includes what types of exercises are beneficial for diabesity and how often they should be engaged.

To “Live Clean and Green” is something we should all aspire to and we learn some ways to do it in Week 5.

Tips to rid the body of metabolic toxins include the 4 P’s: pee, poop, perspire and Pranayama ( proper breathing) which are explained as well as cleaning, cooking and other green living recommendations.

Week 6 helps you to “Personalize the Program” to fit specific needs and levels of progress.

A wonderfully comprehensive book with detailed instructions, making you feel like you are right there with the doctor—but this one can take a lot more time with you than just the usual 15 minutes!

Definitely a worthwhile read, I believe that Dr. Mark Hyman’s 2012 creation, The Blood Sugar Solution, gives the detailed tools to effectively eliminate imbalances like diabesity, hypertension, obesity and many other inflammation driven health issues from your life.

Culinary tips and trivia for better health

How, when and what you eat directly effects health.

You are what you eat from your head down to your feet!!

Here are a few quick tips:

Almonds, like many other foods, can be used as "culinary medicine"

Almonds, like many other foods, can be used as “culinary medicine”

*Before you go through the drive through -eat a handful of almonds. The antioxidants begin to block the inflammatory and artery damaging effects from the trans fats in the fast food.

*Store and eat watermelon at room temperature. It will have 40% more lycopene and up to 139% more beta-carotene then if it is just out of the fridge. Both lycopene and beta-carotene increase for up to 2 weeks after picking.

*Choose your leaf lettuce from the top of the heap at the grocery store- light helps retain its nutrients.

chicken cookie *Did you know that according to a British study- chickens processed in 2004 contain 1/3 less protein, 2ce as much fat and 1/3 more calories than chicken from 1940?

*In order to release allicin, the helpful nutrient in garlic that is responsible for its fat and blood pressure lowering, anti-cancer and antibiotic effects, it has to be exposed to air, ie crushed.

*Add a little milk to your coffee- the calcium will make up for the small amount of calcium lost because of the coffee.

* Potassium bromate- which is used in bread (check your labels) causes tumors in rats. It is used to get the dough to rise higher.

*Chlorine increases your risk of bladder and rectal cancers when it reacts with organic waste products in your drinking water.

* Research shows that you need 21 ounces to expand the average stomach and “turn off” your hunger.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA *Water filters directly through the stomach while water “with food”, like fruit, veggies, soups and smoothies, are seen by the stomach as “food” and have to get processed by the stomach.

* 1 ounce of almonds contains 3.3 grams of fiber- the most of any nut. They help to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol and frequent eating is associated with 30% less risk of gallstones.


Information gathered from Dr. John LaPuma’s book: ChefMDs Big Book of Culinary Medicine

Homemade cough syrup with 2 household ingredients!

homemade cough syrup

Make onion syrup at home for a spastic cough.

Garlic and onions have been used medicinally for centuries. Both of the Family Alliaceae, they are antibacterial, antiviral and have cholesterol lowering effects.

They have been used historically in the treatment of dysentery, wounds, scars, keloids (those thick, raised scars), asthma and have been effective in treating minor digestive issues and the immediate effects of insect stings.

Below is a simple recipe for onion syrup (because it is actually tasty as opposed to garlic syrup).

Onion syrup is a 2 ingredient preparation that is effective in quieting coughs, especially the spastic, tickly kind.


1 medium onion (the stronger, the better…. one that really makes you cry works great)


Find a medium sized jar that has a lid.

                Chop the onion so that it has a lot of surface area.

                Arrange layers of chopped onion (1-2 inches thick) with layers of sugar (that are also an inch or so thick).

                Press the layers together using the back of a spoon. Cover the jar.

                Leave for 6-8 hours in a cool, dry place.

The sugar leaches the juice from the onion and makes a tasty onion syrup that you can take by the spoonful as needed for cough relief. Remember it is simply onion and sugar. You may need to take it frequently. Feel free to add a crushed clove of garlic if you would like a “more potent” variety, but you may have difficulty getting it into kids. The onion syrup is pleasant, the garlic, not so much.

You can also do the same with honey, making sure that the onions are completely covered with the honey. Let the honey “steep” for about 3-4 weeks and then strain out the onion pieces.

The onion syrup will last several days and the onion honey will last for the season.

This recipe is a great way to begin experimenting with herbal preparations at home. Garlic and onions in high doses can have blood thinning effects, so use caution if you have bleeding issues.

Can you avoid all 3 types of FLU this season?

colds and fluDecreasing temperatures and buttoned up houses open the starting gates for flu season.

Soon we will either be afflicted or know someone that is experiencing a virus.

Many will suffer from the seasonal flu and some will suffer from H1N1, or swine flu.

The word influenza comes from an Italian word meaning “to influence”. Some refer to stomach illness as “stomach flu”, but that reference is not accurate, as influenza is strictly a respiratory illness.

There are three types of flu that affect humans.

Type C- This type affects humans and pigs but is generally weak.

Type B- affects humans and seals. This type is stronger and mutates slowly.

Type A- Affects birds, humans and pigs, is stronger still and mutates in two different ways. Different strains can be found during the same year in different geographical locations. This type can cause pandemics and was responsible for the “Spanish flu epidemic” of the early 1900s.

Each year the “flu shot” contains two Type A strains, one “regular” and one “swine flu” variety and one Type B strain. The exact strains are different every year. Because it constantly mutates and changes, there can be hundreds to thousands of different strains of the flu to choose from. Sometimes the flu shot contains the appropriate strains for that year, sometimes it is partially accurate and other times it can be completely wrong.

Symptoms of the flu and swine flu are similar. They include fever, sore throat, aches, headache, chills, cough and congestion. Swine flu symptoms may also include diarrhea and vomiting.

Seasonal influenza kills approximately 36,000 people a year. It disproportionately affects the very young, the old, and those who are immunocompromised.

That is not always the case, however. The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic took 50 to 100 million lives worldwide with 60% being between the ages of five and twenty four and another 20% being less than 50!

Cytokines, which are an important part of the immune system, usually regulate the intensity and duration of the immune response. This particular strain caused an extremely exaggerated reaction, or “cytokine storm”. Too many cytokines were released into the lungs of the ill and the inflammation reaction it caused, literally drowned them. The better the immune system response, the greater chance of death!

Historically, flu pandemics occur regularly, the most recent being the swine flu epidemic of 2009, so you should always be prepared.

Viruses’ structure includes a long string of viral RNA basically covered in a fat ball with spikes- a way to gain entry into our cells and neuroaminidase, which allows it to move on to infect another cell.

If it is not able to use our body as a host to replicate itself, it dies after a few days.

Our choices?

  1. Kill it before it gets in
  2. Don’t let it in
  3. Decrease its ability to replicate

Herbal essential oils are a great way to kill the virus before it gets in. Essential oils can be added to hand soap, blended and added to white vinegar to make a wonderful “killer spray” or even used as inhalants (putting a few drops into steaming hot water, covering your head and the bowl with a towel and inhaling).

Some antiviral herbs include: lemon balm, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, yarrow, sage, lavender, peppermint, orange and lemon.

“Thieves oil” is a blend of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils (and you can add or subtract other antiviral essential oils) that you can make at home, add to vinegar in a spray bottle and use on household surfaces. It is called “thieves oil” because as legend goes, during the black plague, thieves would steal from the dead and not become infected because they had rubbed themselves with this highly potent oil.

Washing your hands is the #1 way to stop the virus from getting in to your body. The soap need not be antibacterial or antiviral, just the action of soaping up and scrubbing your hands can send those bugs down the drain.

The flu can be spread by droplet transmission. That means it can travel through the air after a cough or a sneeze and end up in your nose or mouth with an easy path to your lungs.

Other ways to contract the flu are through saliva or mucous. Don’t kiss anyone that is sick and avoid sharing food or utensils. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes or biting your nails. Blood and feces can also transmit the virus.

Keeping your immune system in tip top shape is important too. Eating lots of veggies and adding in some exercise tops that list of course, but staying away from sweets is a REALLY close second!

Ingestion of sugar decreases the ability of the immune system to fight invaders for hours after consumption, so choose that savory Christmas party treat rather than the sweet one!

After you have been to a gathering, a populated work office or shopping area, swabbing the inside of your nose and gargling with salt water can be a virus reducing option.

Elderberry is a wonderful and tasty virus halting herb to use as well. Read about elderberry HERE. You can even make your own elderberry teas, tinctures and syrups that you can use as food or “medicine”.

Next we will talk about a few recipes for cough syrups, nutrient supplementation and homemade cough drops!


Do your BETTER and call it GOOD!

doing your bestThere are so many facets to our lives. We may be mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, professionals, bosses, laborers, housekeepers, chefs, engineers and more all within the span of just one day.

With so many “hats”, there are so many things to accomplish. Whether to your boss, your spouse or your mother, you may state “I’ll do my best”, but will you?

I was taught to leave anything that you have been involved in “the same or better” than it was.

When we recently borrowed a large cooker to roast a pig- we added a new thermometer (because there wasn’t one) and refilled the propane tank. Noticing that the metal on the bottom was rusting away, my husband welded a new piece on (with permission of course) … all before we returned it, letting the owner know that we appreciated the borrow.

When we stay with family, we may buy all the groceries during our stay, or at least offer to, and help to fix something that the owner doesn’t know how to fix.

That is also our philosophy on life.

My husband and I intend to leave this world either “the same” or better than when we came.

This comes with great effort. I personally believe that part of that commitment is to become the” best” “Me” that I can be.

I continue to work hard at improving my lifestyle choices, my thought patterns and the way that I interact with others. I also strive to take care and improve the lives of any animals or people that I come in contact with whether known, unknown or stray.

But even with these things considered, do I/we do our BEST?

We don’t live in vacuums. We get pulled in many different directions each day requiring a large part of our attention.

If we lived in a bubble and the only thing that we had to address, for example, was our own diets…. and that was it, nothing but you and your diet… would you be truly doing Your BEST at taking in only highly nutritious food, no goodies, no cheating….. absolute perfection?

If you lived on a deserted island and it was just you and your significant other…. you could work on your relationship day and night, ONLY your relationship,…would it truly become the BEST that it could be?

I believe that BEST does not exist. To me, BEST would mean perfection. Not only do I believe that there is no such thing as perfection, but who would be the judge?

Not me. Instead, I am doing “my better” to learn how to not judge myself so harshly and to accept my flaws. In doing so, I continue to learn how to accept others just as they are too.

Sometimes I will smile when I see a truly “extraordinary” soul and I may say to my daughter “They are what makes the world exciting.”

Would I truly want everyone to become a cookie cutter of me?

How boring… not that I am boring J , but I believe that diversity is where it’s at. There is a lot of imagination, art and culture in diversity… just ask Erik Sprague, also known as “Lizardman”.

When it comes down to it, Sprague, the Pope and I all have at least two things in common:

1. We are all “pink in the middle” and

2. We are human, which means that we are not perfect.

Doing your “BEST” means that you have reached the pinnacle with no more room for improvement.

Bah Humbug! There is ALWAYS room for improvement, no matter WHAT you are talking about!

Trying to “be” your best or “do” your best is almost like admitting failure. “I have reached the top and cannot do any better…. I Am Doing My BEST!

Bull! Depending on what you are focusing on at the time and what other stressors are pulling you in a multitude of other directions, when the dust settles … you could improve that one thing.

But we are very busy, often unfocused and pulled in hundreds of directions on any given day.

It is ok to know that you can ALWAYS improve on any given thing…. without that concept, would we have tried and continue to try to improve our sanitation or our engineering?

Without that concept, would men still be dragging women by the hair or would we still be bloodletting to improve illness or disease?

Accept yourself for who you are and others for who they are as well.

Know that almost exclusively, we are all “doing the better that we can” and “call it good”.

High Blood Pressure? Think SUGAR not SALT….


sugar, salt and hypertension

Recently we’ve been talking about the health advantages of a high fat, aka low carbohydrate diet….. and here is another one…. blood pressure.

Carbohydrates cause bursts of insulin in the body and insulin causes the storage of fat. Increased fat on the body not only causes weight gain, but increases inflammation and risk of all the diseases associated with it …. Read this…. like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Besides increasing fat storage, insulin increases blood pressure.  When insulin is secreted too much and too often in response to a continued barrage of carbohydrates, “insulin resistance” occurs.

Just as a drug addict needs more and more drugs to get the same high, your body becomes resistant to insulin and needs more and more of it to do the same job—which is to allow the sugars to get into the cell to be used as energy.

When the sugars can’t enter the cell, increased circulating blood sugars are the result—thus high levels show up on blood tests. It is also one of the BIG reasons that diabetics need to be careful about cuts and injuries. If a diabetic has a cut where bacteria can enter, what do you think a GREAT source of food for it would be? Yes, that yummy extra sugar that is floating around the body…. Tada! Big infection on its way!

Also, when you grow resistant to insulin, you can’t store magnesium, which is in part responsible for muscle relaxation and blood vessel relaxation. Instead of being used by the body, the magnesium that you eat gets passed out of the body in the urine. Without adequate magnesium, blood vessels constrict, causing an increase in blood pressure.

Insulin also causes the retention of sodium, which causes the withholding of fluids, thus increasing blood volume in the already constricted vessels…. See where we are going here?

It’s not really the salt, it’s the insulin causing the retention of salt. The kidneys usually take care of that in time, but high blood sugars make the kidneys work harder to filter. Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney exhaustion and failure.

The remedy?

Get back to basics. For at least 20,000 years our diets have consisted of meats, healthy fats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and a little fruit…. Where is the sugar in that?

(Oh, and quick side note… did you ever see a single depiction of a caveman milking a cow? Dairy is also a new concept to the human body, one that we will address later.)

Dr. Liz Lipski said it all when she stated “Sugar was meant to be a condiment”.

In a little over a hundred years, our sugar consumption world-wide has skyrocketed, but no country has surpassed the United States in its unending battle to satisfy the sweet tooth. United Statesthe difference in our gluttony as compared to other countries in 2007.

I also find this graph of corn yields in the U.S. curiously similar to the sugar consumption graph.

Can anyone say High Fructose Corn Syrup?

One more thing. There are “good carbs” (veggies do have a limited amount of carbs) and “bad carbs” (soda for example). There are also “good proteins” (pasture raised meats, veggies have protein too, and legumes) and “bad proteins” (grain fed, industrially held animals) and “good fats” (olive oil, avocados and nuts for example) and “bad fats” (transfats, corn and soy oils).

Let’s add salt to the list. While “salt”, although actually a more encompassing term, is in “table terms”, just sodium chloride- salt is not salt, is not just salt.

Average “table salt” has been heated to a very high temperature to express the salt from the water and kill any microbes residing in it. Iodine is often added to it during processing.

It takes tremendous energy for the body to process excesses of this kind of salt. Too much salt can lead to inflammation, kidney and gall stones and water retention. The body takes water from its cells to surround the sodium chloride molecules and break them up into sodium AND chloride molecules, allowing them safe passage through your body. This disrupts the normal balance of water that should be IN versus OUT of the cells.

This is the type of “cheap salt” found in all of your pre-packaged food items and soups.

BIG stressor on the body.

Ancient sea salts like Himalayan and Celtic are a different story however.

These salts, as you can tell in part by their unbleached color, contain many other essential nutrients including potassium, phosphorus, manganese and selenium and are associated with the regulation of water content in the body as well as many other health promoting benefits.

What we eat, how, and when to eat can be VERY confusing and overwhelming for people on the path to do well for their bodies.

Take things one step at a time. Learn and change…. And then learn and change some more. Take it in steps. Try not to get overwhelmed. The point is to adopt good habits that you can maintain for life- not to try to be “perfect” and have it only last for a day.

We are a society that is driven more by money than by the desire for our people to become healthy.

Become what I call “One of the underground health seekers”.

Learn. Grow. Teach.

Together we will quietly overcome illness- one person at a time.